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What To Do In Case Of An Accident

Stay calm.

Check and see if anyone needs an ambulance or paramedics.

Contact law enforcement to begin the investigation process. Do not admit liability. You should not admit responsibility/liability for the accident to the other drivers, passengers, or to the police for that matter. You may convey facts concerning how the incident occurred; however, it is best not to comment on your responsibility (or liability) for the accident. This is a legal matter that is not always readily and easily ascertainable. Judgment as to who was at fault should be reserved for a later time and be based on a number of factors.

Move your car to the side of the road.

Always keep a notepad and a camera in your vehicle. You will need to take down all of the negligent parties information. This includes:

  • Full name:
  • All phone numbers:
  • Address:
  • Drivers license number:
  • License Plate No.:
  • Vehicle identification number:
  • Insurance company name:
  • Policy number:
  • Vehicle description:
  • Location of the accident:

You will use the camera to take pictures of the damaged vehicles, personal injuries as well as the scene of the accident.

If there are any witnesses, obtain their names, addresses and phone numbers.

Once you obtain the foregoing information, contact our office immediately at 818-832-9800.

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