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What To Do In An Accident
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1. Are there any fees or cost for the referral services that I receive?
No. All referrals are complementary. Through out the years of our practice and emphasizing in Car Accident and other Personal Injury cases we have surrounded ourselves with group of professionals who are experienced in Personal Injury related cases, and we will be more than happy to referred them to you.

2. If I already have an attorney, can I just choose this office for my physiotherapy treatments?
Absolutely . We work with numerous attorneys, and will be more than happy to work with your chosen attorney toward your recovery.

3. What if I am not happy with my attorney, can you refer me to another attorney?
Yes. Through the years of our experience in car accident injuries and other personal injuries, we have came across great attorneys, that are experienced in Personal Injury cases, and we will be more than happy to refer them to you.

4. Do I have to call my previous attorney to let them know that I have chosen a new attorney?
Absolutely Not. Your new attorney will inform your previous attorney, to let them know that you have a new representation.

5. If I am already receiving treatments with another doctor for my case, but I want to change my doctor and come to your office, is that possible?
Yes. Please contact the office and talk to one of our trained staff, so the necessary steps can be taken.

6. I have been involve in a car accident, and I am not sure if I have a case or not, what should I do next?
Either call our office or fill out an inquiry on our website, and you will be contact by an attorney who is experienced in car accident & Personal Injury cases, and he/she will be more than happy to discuss all your rights and options in detail at no charge.

7. Can I sue the driver of the vehicle if I am a passenger?
Yes. The passenger in a vehicle, whether driven by a friend, a relative or a stranger, can sue the driver of the vehicle if the driver is at fault. Some restriction applies. An attorney can discuss that with you in detail.

8. What is the advantage of working with your office versus other doctors or in case of an attorney referral, working with other attorneys?
We thrive on patient care and service, and through out many years of practice and helping patients achieving their optimal health, we have been able to surround ourselves with group of professionals who have the same philosophies, and also experienced in what they do. In returns the patient/client will get the best care and service, and are working with professionals who are experienced in their field, which is Car Accident & Personal Injury cases. We stay current with changes made in regards to car accident cases. Dr. Gilardi regularly attends seminars to be most updated with codes, regulation and changes.

9. I was in an accident and I was at fault and have pain/discomfort, what should I do?
If you have Medpay (medical Payment) on your own car insurance, you are covered for your care, even if you are at fault for up to a year from the date of the accident (it can vary by insurance carrier or policy). In most cases your health insurance will cover your care. As we are a provider by many health insurance carriers. Contact our office and we will gladly do an insurance verification for you to let you know what your health insurance covers. Special programs are also available for people who don't have any health insurance.

10. What if I have more questions or my question was not discussed?
Please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time. You can either e-mail Dr. Gilardi directly and ask him a question about your health, concern, or your pain, or if you have a legal issue you can again either e-mail or call us and we refer you to an attorney who can answer your legal questions, or use our "Ask an Attorney" page and send us an e-mail, and an attorney will contact you to discuss or answer any question you may have at no charge.

11. Is there a fee for consultation with Dr. Gilardi for accident or non-accident ralated health questions?
To receive a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Gilardi, call the office at (818) 832-9800. He will be glad to hear your health concerns and answer any questions about an appropriate course of care for you.

12. Do you only see car accident cases or handle other cases too?
We are experienced in all types of accident related cases either car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, car vs. pedestrian, and semi-truck. Additionally, we also are also experienced in Slip and Fall cases.

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