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Dr. Gilardi's Biography

The old saying, "Don't judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes," is certainly true for Dr. Edmond Gilardi.

During his third year as a chiropractic student, he was involved in a humbling and fateful incident that inspired his current career path. While driving one day, Gilardi was hit from behind by another driver. He did not immediately feel that he was injured, but "two or three days later, I started having tremendous pain in my neck and back," he says, exhibiting a classic delayed injury response in car accident victims.

Upon returning to his clinical studies, Gilardi mentioned the accident-related pains to his clinician. "My instructor told me that if I didn't get treatment, that the pain would stay with me," says Gilardi.

Gilardi's instructor urged him to seek rehab and physiotherapy right away, telling him that any future injuries would only magnify the pain he was experiencing. Over time, the treatments eased his pain, and the experience revealed to him the other side of car accident recovery.

"When I got the treatments, I saw how beneficial it was and how much of an impression the whole event made on me," says Gilardi.

Call it an epiphany, or a revelation, but car accident pain treatment and recovery became his calling.

"All those aches and pains that come and go everyday, I know exactly as a patient how that feels," he says, "and I know better as a chiropractor how to empathize and to help those I'm treating."

After finishing his under graduate study, Dr. Gilardi continued his education at Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles, where in December of 1999 he earned his Bachelor of Science, and in December of 2000, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After completion of the National Boards Examination parts I-IV including the Physiotherapy, he became licensed to practice Chiropractic from the State of California in March of 2002.

Following his graduation, he started his own private practice in Encino, concentrating mainly on helping patients who have been involved in Car Accident and other Personal Injury related cases.

Concurrently, he was also head of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Programs of a Medical Pain Management facility for both of their locations in Valencia and Lancaster, where he was treating patients who suffer from a variety of conditions such as, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome , Fibromayalgia, Arthritis of Spine & Extremities, Cervical and Lumbar Spines Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Stenosis, Post-Surgery pain and limitations, and Sprain/Strain of spine and extremities, by giving proper adjustments, physiotherapy, rehabilitation in case of injury, proper posture and movement for Activities of Daily Living, and patient education due to Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, and general Chiropractic Care. In August of 2006, he moved his practice from Encino to Northridge so he could expand his practice to help more people by having a bigger location.

Dr. Gilardi has years of training and the latest treatment and diagnostic techniques to determine and treat injuries. Dr. Gilardi is committed to help his patients to achieve and maintain optimal health by providing safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care and rehabilitation for those suffering from Personal Injuries and other disorders.

As a healer and educator, Dr. Gilardi has "walked a mile" in his patient's shoes. He has been on the other side of car accident recovery and says he is a better doctor and person for having gone through that experience.

"Being able to help a patient and educate them versus just going through the pain... it makes me feel great," he says. "I can help them reduce their pain."

Seminars Attended:
The Advanced Personal Injury Seminar, 2011
The Advanced Personal Injury Seminar, 2009
The Advanced Comprehensive Insurance Seminar, 2009
The Colossal Personal Injury Seminar, 2008
The Advanced Personal Injury Seminar, 2007
I.C.A.C. Basic Worker's Compensation Seminar, 2006
Sports Injury; Spine and Extremity Seminar, 2005
The Advanced Personal Injury & Litigation Skills Seminar, 2004
Traumatic Brain Injury Analysis Seminar, 2004
Biomechanical Analysis & Trauma Seminar, 2004

Other Background Information:
Certificate of Completion, CPR and basic Life Saving

Member, California Chiropractic Association

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