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What To Do In An Accident
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Whether the accident was your fault or not, and regardless of the severity of the impact, your body has suffered a trauma, and this trauma needs to be diagnosed/recognized properly, and treated, so it will not lead to a chronic condition, discomfort or pain.

We, at chiropractic offices of Dr. Edmond Gilardi are experienced in working with patients like you who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. We know how much of an impact a car accident can have on someone's emotional and physical being regardless of the intensity of the accident.

We thrive to help you and your body to speed up the process of recovery with proper diagnosis of your injuries and custom tailored treatments designed for your condition.

Dr. Edmond Gilardi, chiropractor, has many years of experience in treating and helping patients who have been involved in car accident or other personal injures.

Imagine not having to search for an attorney and a treating doctor who have experience in car accident related injuries. We will be able to refer you to an attorney or other specialties if needed. We have surrounded ourselves with a group of professionals that have worked and are experienced with patients who have been involved in a car accident and/or car accident related injuries.

Imagine having a doctor who can refer and over-see all your needs from your first visit till full course of your treatment. At offices of Dr. Edmond Gilardi, D.C. we take your well being very serious and we will do the best we can to help you get there.

The decisions you make today will help you get ahead tomorrow. Contact us today so we can help you get started.

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